300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Accessible Yoga and Spiritual Development
This course has been postponed to start in August 30th 2021 due to coronavirus complications.

This is a specialist Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (ATTC) for qualified yoga teachers who currently have a 200-hour certificate, and are seeking a 300-hour, post graduate certificate in the fields of classical and accessible yoga. As a participant of the course, you will also earn two additional specialised certifications, one in Accessible Yoga and the other in Classical Yoga Philosophy. If you have qualified with Shanticentre Training School at the 200-hour level, you can upgrade at the end of this course to a 500-hour certificate with us.

This intensive 10-month advanced training course includes two, 5-day retreat immersions at Shanticentre in Italy as well as six weekend modules in Bristol U.K. offering specialised trainings in:

• 30-hour Accessible Yoga Training with Uma Alessandra Cocchi, European Trainer for the Accessible Yoga Organization (certificate offered)

• 30-hour Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra course with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, founder of Womb Yoga and author of Yoni Shakti

• 30 hour Intensive Chakra Development  course with Stephanie Shanti, founder of Shanticentre Training School

• 15-hour Special Yoga for Children with Jyoti Jo Manuel, founder of the Special Yoga Organisation

• 15-hour Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training with Lila Lolling, founder of the Saraswati Yoga School (certificate offered).

• 3-hour Bhakti Yoga workshop with Sivani Mata Francis

• 3-hour Yoga for Cancer workshop with Morven Hamilton, founder of Yoga by Nature & Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training

INVESTMENT: £3500. Deposit £350 then 9 x £350 instalments to be paid each module from module 1-9 

All payment must be completed by July 2021. 


Module 1 | 30th August to 5th September 2021 
A private, 50-hour immersion at Shanticentre, Italy guided by Lila Lolling and Stephanie Shanti

This welcome immersion will give you an introduction to the 10-month course, with lectures on adapted Sivananda Yoga, Experiential Anatomy, Classical Hatha Yoga, Yoga & Neuroscience, and the Nervous System.

Venue: Shanticentre Yoga Holidays, Italy

Module 2 | 15th October, 2021, 7-10pm and 16th & 17th October 2021, 9am-6pm 

20-hour Yoga Philosophy Certification: Level 1 with Lila Lolling

This intensive weekend training and online module will look at the philosophy and psychology of the classical Yoga systems and how to use it as a mirror for your personal and spiritual refinement. You will also learn how to use these ancient teachings as a guideline to aid your students in processing their life karmas, becoming better suited to coach them in their spiritual endeavors. You will also gain insight into how to structure yoga philosophy workshops, courses, and immersions that will take your offerings to the next level, helping you to grow yourself beyond asana instructor.

Open to all yoga teachers

Venue: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol

Module 3 |12th to 14th November, 2021. 9am-6pm

30-hour Accessible Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Alessandra Uma Cocchi

This is a three-day practical training and online module gives you a special certificate in teaching Accessible Yoga. The practical training includes introduction to the concept of accessible yoga, with accessible chair, wall and mat classes, hatha yoga theory and anatomy check-ups, bed yoga instruction,  yoga service to the world, touching and consent, raja yoga, yoga nidra and the koshas, and practice teaching of accessible yoga.

Open to all yoga teachers, practitioners, body workers and care workers

Venue: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol

Module 4 | 4th & 5th December,2021.  9am to 6pm 

15-hour Special Yoga with Jyoti Jo Manuel

During this weekend immersion, we will share an introduction to the therapeutic teachings of Special Yoga’s programme for children. Our intention is to support all children with a therapeutic approach to yoga, with an additional focus on children with special and additional needs. Children today are struggling with higher levels of anxiety and mental health issues than ever seen before. Children with autism and learning challenges are at risk of exclusion from education due to what is perceived as unmanageable behaviours. Our time together will give tools and support to understanding children’s behaviours as a form of communication and using yoga to support their nervous systems and hearts, to bring lifelong practices to enhance their well-being and work towards reaching their potential. 

Open to all yoga practitioners and teachers

Venue: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol

Module 5 | 15th & 16th January 2022. 9am-6pm

15-hour Ethics, Bhakti Yoga, and Yoga for Cancer

During this module we will look at the ethics of being a yoga trainer, from the perspective of Patanjali's Yamas and Niyamas, covering common topics that come up in a long, inspiring and nourishing yoga career. We will also discuss the ethics of delivering accessible and inclusive yoga as an advanced teaching form enabling the sharing of yoga to the margins, practising safe methods, keeping up to date with yoga for trauma research and being able to create clear and active boundaries in your personal, spiritual and emotional life. 

We will also have two guest teachers on this module: the first is Sivani Mata Francis who will lead us in a 3-hour Bhakti Yoga immersion and the second is Morven Hamilton who will lead a 3-hour introduction to teaching Yoga for Cancer. 

Bhakti Workshop open to all

Cancer workshop and Ethics module open to all yoga teachers or student yoga teachers.

Venue: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol

Module 6 | 5th & 6th March 2022. 9am-6pm

30-hour Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

There is a Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience online prerequisite to this weekend course. For the practical course Uma will present 'Honouring the Power of Cyclical Wisdom Through Yoga' enabling yogis and yoginis to access power, vitality and awareness in circles with satsang and mantra, using mudras, bandhas, shakti bandhas, postures and breathing to  support vitality and of course, Total Yoga Nidra! Internationally-acclaimed educator, yoga therapist, spiritual activist and author of Yoni Shakti, Uma Dinsmore Tuli contributes to Stephanie’s Accessible Yoga team, offering sixteen hours on these aspects of yoga practice.
Topics Covered:
Day 1 - PRANA SHAKTI CYCLES - Foundation of Womb Cycle Awareness in relation to wellness and yoga therapy. Initiations into power, vitality and wellness.
Day 2 - PELVIC POWER - 'Mending the leaky bucket’ Pelvic organ health, mudras. bandhas, shakti bandhas, postures to support vitality.
Online for 14 hours  - TOTAL YOGA NIDRA - a means to encounter intuitive awareness to nourish and support all aspects of yoga practice.

Open to all yoga practitioners

Venue: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol

Module 7 |26th & 27th March 2022  9am to 6pm

15-hour Subtle Anatomy and Chakra Development Intensive PART 1 with Stephanie Shanti

Stephanie Shanti will guide you through the first 4 chakras using ritual, nidra, asana, meditation and pranayama to access the unique levels of consciousness associated with each chakra. This enables you to work closely on your own personal development as a yoga trainer and look at all aspects of your life associated with these levels of awareness and possible blockages of powerful conditionings of the mind. Through looking at your learned patterns of behaviour and being you can move towards a more open and receptive way of sharing yoga in the community from the heart. 

Venue: Yoga on the Square, Portland Square, Bristol

Module 8 | 2nd-8th May 2022

75-hour PRANA INTENSIVE immersion at Shanticentre with Lila Lolling and Stephanie Shanti 

This is a private, 5-day classical Hatha Yoga immersion that includes asana, meditation, pranayama, silence, communal living, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, nature-connections, and embodied philosophy. Home preparation of purification of the nadis is a requirement for this retreat and needs to be documented in a spiritual diary submitted weekly from Module 1 onwards.


Venue: Shanticentre Yoga Holidays, Italy

Module 9 | 21st & 22nd May 2022. 9am to 6pm

20-hour Subtle Anatomy and Chakra Development Intensive PART 2 with Stephanie Shanti

We will work through the three higher chakras using ritual, asana, pranayama, nidra and meditation to gain access to higher levels of consciousness and learning new ways to integrate the lessons learned here with the grounding and embodiment of the lower chakras. 


Venue: Yoga on the Square, Portland Square, Bristol

Module 10 | 15th, 16th & 17th July 2022

15 hour Presentations and Graduation

Friday 5-9pm Sat and Sun 9am-6pm. 

Giving a presentation or a workshop on a topic of your choice from all that you have learned during your course which will be assessed by all on the course and the course supervisor. We will also end this module with a graduation ceremony and blessings for your work in the world. 


Venue: Yoga on the Square, Portland Square, Bristol

Home Study: 15 hours

• Spiritual diary requirement for purification of the nadis and subtle energy system to be submitted weekly to Stephanie Shanti.

• Required reading: Lila Lolling's Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga. You will be required to answer the questions in the book and turn them in by Module 8, May 2022.

• Give a 75-minute workshop on the subject of your choice (from topics within the course). You will need to prepare as if you are offering this workshop to your students as an advanced teacher.

COURSE IS LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS. Only 4 spaces remain.


Grow as a Teacher

This unique and powerful advanced yoga teacher training offers you tools to grow in accessible yoga, classical yoga philosophy, subtle body anatomy, womb yoga, and so much more!