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Accessible Yoga Training Resources

Your Accessible Yoga Training is coming up in one week!

The venue for the training is 


St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, Bristol.

You can find details here:


There is residential parking near the centre, but you are recommended to park in New Gatton Road, just nearby. 


Traffic is pretty bad in the mornings  in Bristol so if you are driving to the venue please ensure you give yourself enough time.

There is a cafe in the community centre which will be open on Friday and Saturday but will be closed on Sunday. There are also local shops and cafes in nearby Mina Road which will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you are welcome to bring packed food and eat in the venue. 

We will be in Room 9 for Friday, then Room 1 for Saturday and Sunday. 


Please wear a mask in the centre when not in the training room, this centre serves the most vulnerable people in the community. 

We will keep the windows slightly open in accordance with Covid guidelines and do our best to keep each other safe. If you have particular concerns about your Covid safety please do let me know and we can work together to keep you safe. 


What you will need: 



  • 1 yoga mat

  • 1 cushion

  • 1 bolster (or a bed pillow vertically rolled with bathrobe belt)

  • 1 yoga belt or bathrobe belt

  • 1 or 2 blocks

  • 1 thick blanket


In Covid times, we are not providing all the equipment for yoga trainings, however I do have extra that I can bring for you if you please let me know as soon as possible. Feel free to mix and match with things you may have which fit the descriptions.


Please bring a notebook and pen if you want to make notes as well as water to drink during the training. (water bottles can be refilled at the centre).

More detailed information about the content of the course can be found in the PDF below:

Pre training materials:

Click here to create an account to access the training videos:

Once you have registered you can access them here using the user email and password you selected:


Course Trainers - Alessandra Uma Cocchi
(official Accessible Yoga trainer and C-IAYT Yogatherapist)


Uma is the lead trainer for this course.


She is an Accessible Yoga teacher trainer, certified yogatherapist, and teacher from the Integral Yoga tradition of Swami Satchidananda. She trained in Italy, Portugal, USA and Austria through the different stages of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Teacher Trainings, Accessible Yoga, Yoga of the Heart (for cardiovascular and oncological pathologies), Therapeutic Applications of Integral Yoga, Prenatal and Labour Yoga, Integral Yoga for Children trainings. 

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