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2023 Accessible Yoga + Spiritual Development 
230hr Foundation Plus Yoga Teacher Training

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About the Program

If you have experienced the profound healing of any of the tools of yoga in your life, you may start to want to deepen your knowledge and start to share these tools with others.


This is a natural progression for many of us.


Some of us choose to take a yoga teacher training to go deeper into the philosophy of yoga, to get a deeper experience of the transformational effects of yoga in our lives. Others know from an early stage that they want to build a career based on sharing yoga with the world.


This course is designed to take you to the next step of that yoga journey in whatever shape or form it comes, whether you want to teach or not.


It is designed to enable you to move deeper into the transformation that yoga tools can give you for body and mind. To help you to venture into self enquiry in a safe, loving and supportive space, at your own rate of growth.

The course is designed to inspire you to look beyond asana, to take you off the mat and into the world, to create ways of sharing yoga with different people of all ages, beliefs and physical abilities. To offer tools inclusively and to open yoga out away from our modern body based media portrayal and back towards its role in understanding the mind, combatting stress and developing a healthy sense of ego, self, devotion and reverence for life.


If you have had some experience of how yoga has changed you, benefited your mental health, created spaciousness and ease in your body that you are keep to explore further then this course is for you.


If you are inspired to make yoga more accessible and bring it to more diverse groups of people then this course is for you.


If you are keen to go an a deep journey into your own conditioning, patterns of behaviour and personal 'mindstuff' then this course is for you.


You do not have to be super fit and healthy to become a yoga teacher.

You do not have to be perfect at asana to be a yoga teacher.

You do not have to be perfect. Fullstop.

And you can learn to mirror that back to your students and those around you.


As I am coming to the end of my Yoga Teacher Training and reflecting on the whole experience, I can honestly say that meeting Steph and studying her course has been an absolute life changing experience.


The course content itself is completely inclusive for teaching EVERY body and covers so many flavours of yoga in which she encourages and supports us as students to find our own yogic teaching path. Her teachings are warm, funny, inspiring, intellectually stimulating, emotionally galvanising, spiritually conciliatory and taught in the most beautifully life enhancing way.


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—  Sandie Garrad Parry, founder Inside out: Yoga & Recovery

What you will Learn: Course Modules

How to Teach Inclusive & Compassionate Yoga


Practicalities: How to Structure Classes

Introduction to some of the main traditions of yoga; their blessings and their curses

Karma Yoga and service in the community

Self Development inspired by the Chakra System

Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita

Anatomy & Physiology

Marketing your business and teaching online

6 month personalised mentoring programme 


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It's not easy to describe Steph's Yoga TTC because she offers a huge experiential component. It may be safe to say I doubt anyone comes out the other end unchanged. Certainly for me it's been a challenging and rewarding spiritual journey, where Steph has held the space with grace,honesty, openness and integrity.

For context, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 2 years ago which compromises my body and am in my mid 60's. However, I found Steph's teaching refreshingly accessible and accepting in both theory and practice. She allowed time and space to absorb everything and work at your own pace.

This course and the whole experience has opened up the concept of Yoga for me in so many different ways. I will always be grateful to Steph for her support and encouragement on this path.

—  Jackie Trauffer

Course Details & Dates

Our 2023 course is now open for registration. Due to the intimate nature of this course, it is only open to 10-15 students.

This course will form a mixture of online and in person learning, comprising of long weekends in Bristol, monthly online meet ups, and a week long intensive immersion retreat at Shanticentre, Italy. 


In person training will take place at St Werburghs Community Centre, Bristol Friday to Sunday in January, March, May and July 2023.


There will also be Wednesday evening online sessions once per month between 7 and 9pm

Finally there will be an intensive immersion graduation retreat at the end of the training at Shanticentre in Italy which will run the last week of August 2023. 

Students will also be given 10 hours home study time for presentations and homework, and are expected to attend 10 hours of Stephanie Shanti's yoga classes, as well as completing 10 hours of karma yoga in their local community. 

Included in this 230 hour FOUNDATION PLUS training is a 6 month mentoring programme to help you get going following the training. 


230 Hour Certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance: FOUNDATION PLUS YOGA TRAINING

3 Types of Education Sources

1. In-Person Meetings in Bristol

January 2023: Friday to Sunday  27th to 29th 9am-6pm

March 2023: Friday to Sunday  24th to 26th 9am-6pm

May 2023: Friday to Sunday  19th to 21st 9am-6pm

June 2023: Friday to Sunday  June 30th to July 2nd 9am-6pm

Venue: St Werburgh's Community Centre

Horley Road Bristol BS2 9TJ

2. Online Sessions: Wednesday 7pm - 9pm  (via Zoom)

February 1 2023

March 1st

March 29th

May 3rd

May 24th

June 29th

July 26th

August 23rd

3. Graduation immersion Retreat

at Shanticentre in Italy

Arrival Friday 25th August, departure Friday 1st September. 

Retreat starts Saturday and runs to Thursday evening. 

All food and accommodation included in price of training, travel costs extra. 

Home study / Extra hours

10 hours home study for presentations and assessments

10 hours karma yoga/seva: volunteer work in the local community

10 hours yoga classes to be attended with Stephanie Shanti 

(these can be workshops/retreats/private sessions and you can get 10% off when you book in with her directly) 


I completed my 200-hour TTC with Steph in 2019 now teach Yoga as my main job. The training course was based on accessible and inclusive practice and I had not appreciated how important this would be until I began working with real bodies in the community. 


I hadn’t realised how in depth the training course was until I began collaborating

and interacting with other Yoga teachers who presented a very limited understanding of anatomy and how to modify / adapt asana. On completion of the course, I felt confident to teach more than asana, and continue to have a daily personal practice that was encouraged throughout our course. 


Steph has a wonderfully engaging energy, her passion for people and keeping yoga authentic and purposeful is refreshing and inspiring. When I’m teaching and witness somebody struggling, I often think, ‘what would Steph do’ because she taught us to work with every individual in the room for their needs. 

Shanti Centre Training School.png

—  Hannah Chaudhri, founder of Ananda Health and Wellbeing

Suggested Reading for the Course

Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens

Accessible Yoga by Jivana Heyman

Yoga Myths by Judith Hanson Lasater

Opening to Spirit by Caroline Shola Arewa

Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga by Lila Lolling 

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope


Shanti Centre Training School.png

I've done yoga in different parts of the world for a long time but it was meeting this lovely lady (and the other yoginis on the way) that finally made me take it more seriously and bring yoga into all parts of my life - as it should be!


Steph is truly inspirational and motivational and she makes you feel like there's nothing you can't do. Namaste!

—  Lindsay Ratcliffe


Main Training Instructor


Stephanie Shanti

Stephanie Shanti Bosanko is the director and co-founder of Shanticentre. She has taught yoga and Reiki retreats and trainings as well as organized 100+ visiting teachers.

Her original teacher training was with Sivananda organisation in 2000. Since then she has completed many yoga programs in UK and India.

Visiting Course Instructors

Lila Lolling

Lila Saraswati Lolling is an advanced classical yoga teacher with 20 years experience. Her specialities lie in the fields of yoga philosophy and spirituality as well as climate activism.


She is the author of Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga, a devotional book on Raja Yoga and is known for her passion for sharing yoga for people and planet.

Mel Skinner

Mel has been teaching yoga since 2014, and after studying and practicing a variety of styles, she now focuses on slow, therapeutic styles of yoga, with emphasis on softening the body, creating space for the breath and developing awareness of one's self.


She teaches online and face-to-face classes, workshops, retreats and one-to-ones and incorporates reflexology, menstrual cycle awareness, and astrology in her work, supporting people with anxiety, depression, stress, low self esteem, chronic fatigue, menstrual difficulties and more. She also teaches on teacher training courses on restorative yoga and yoga nidra.

Michelle Oliver

My teaching was born out of my love for yoga and the beautiful and profound personal journey I found myself on. I simply wanted to keep learning and keep sharing the knowledge with as many people as I could.

I draw inspiration for my classes from nature and the seasons. I enjoy exploring how we can adapt our lifestyle and yoga practice in harmony with the rhythm of nature. . I also like to connect with my celtic roots creating themes and weaving in poems and stories from the celtic world.


Nina Boswell Brown

Nina is a wheelchair user and an advanced Chair Yoga Teacher.

She is the founder of offering yoga for wheelchair users.

Course Pre-Requisites and Ts and Cs

Some experience of yoga, meditation and self development experience is needed, as well as a willingness to go deeply into self enquiry and an open heart to the transformative effect of all the tools of yoga. The more experience you have the easier the course will be for you, however, if you are open hearted, keen to learn and willing to work on yourself honestly both on your own and in a group setting then this course will work out.

Full course costs £2850, Early bird booking price of £2600 available until 30th September 2022. 

Deposit of £500 to book your space is non refundable then payment is taken in 4 instalments:

1st January 2023, 1st March, 1st May and 1st July.

Certification can only be given if all payments and all home learning is completed. 

Students must attend online sessions live. Only 1 session can be missed live, and caught up on the replay. 

Students MUST commit to all the in person meetings. There are 12 full days and only 2 can be missed for previously authorised absence

These days must be caught up through private sessions with Stephanie Shanti at additional cost. 

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