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Online Course

Transform and Inspire Personal 7 month Chakra Journey (live online)

A life changing personal 7 month online journey through the chakra system in alignment with the lunar cycles. Packed with 35 hours of content including yoga classes, meditations, interactive check-ins, ritual and altar work. See more below.

Transform and Inspire Personal 7 month Chakra Journey (live online)
Transform and Inspire Personal 7 month Chakra Journey (live online)

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Time is TBD

Online Course

About the Event

'Transform and Inspire' is a unique and life changing journey through the Chakra system, using yoga techniques, meditation and mindfulness practices, ritual and altar work.

I create a personal 7 month programme for you to journey through these amazingly powerful centres of consciousness, taking one month to delve deeply into each of them in turn. 

I include 2 private coaching calls per month as well as access to yoga classes, meditations, nidras and information packs for each of the chakras so that you can work at your own pace but be guided by me regularly as you go through. 

I offer you the chance to work with me as well as alone, to look deep within at the patterns of your conditioning, behaviours and life style choices, and use the deep transformational wisdom of the tantric chakra philosophy to unlock your true potential. 

Are you looking to go on a transformational journey to your true self?

Are you seeking to find out your true purpose in life? 

Do you need a boost to set you on the right path?

Do you have lots of ideas of what you want to achieve in your life but have failed to implement them?

Do you love yoga and meditation and want to see how truly transformational they can be?

Then look no further! 

I have run this course many times in person and online, during Yoga Teacher Training Programmes and during Reiki trainings, as well as a course in its own right. 

This online version helps you to work at your own pace as well as have a coach to process things with and act as an accountability buddy to keep you on track. The 2 coaching calls per month serve as fantastic private tuition and guidance, from someone who has walked this path for over 20 years and guided hundreds of people through it as well. 

Included in this course:

35 hours of content.

7 yoga classes, one tailored to each of the chakras and with many different options and variations to make them fully accessible

7 recorded Chakra meditations for you to use for your home practice

7 recorded Chakra Yoga nidras for you to use at home.

Tutorials introducing the concepts of each chakra in turn and the ways we can work with them in our everyday lives. 

Check lists and shopping lists for your monthly chakra work. 

2 priate coaching calls per month, ( we aim for new moon and full moon) 

Here is an introductory talk I gave on the transformational effect of living the chakra system:

Price of the course:

£495. Early bird price 

Once you have booked in I will get in touch and arrange our starting date! Don't hesitate, this is a journey of a lifetime! x


"Shanti’s empowering and coaching style inspired the group to explore their experience, dreams, power and vulnerability through the lens of the chakras. Everyone will take away something different, but my favourite gifts were inner calm, confidence, and a decluttered mind (and house!) Was it a coincidence that by the end of the journey I had also seen improvements in my career and finances? I think not! I recommend this course wholeheartedly.

The online nature of the course made it much easier to show up to all of the events, beautifully timed to coincide with the phases of the moon, and the personal connections were every bit as powerful as they would have been in person."


"I would have been happy if this course had never ended! It has been such a delight to meet Steph and to be held by her and the group. Steph presents the course content in such a grounded and accessible way and brings humour and humanness to the learning. This has made it safe to share and to experiment and I have really appreciated that. For me, this feels just the beginning of a longer journeying with Steph and all the wisdom and experience she shares so generously. Thank you! "

Helen Gibson

"I attended the Transform and Inspire course with Steph and it truly couldn’t of come at a better time. My Dad had suddenly passed a couple of months before and this course provided me with so much strength and healing! To learn in more depth about the chakras was amazing and indeed transformational! Each month we started with a delicious guided Yoga Nidra followed by a beautiful ceremony to introduce each chakra which we explored for a month at a time ! Steph always creates a protected held space for everyone no matter if it’s online or in person. It feels like a uniting of like minded people who can open up to each other and share. Steph has years and years of knowledge which she shares in a fun loving easy to retain nurturing way! To be completely honest I wouldn’t of done this course with any other teacher! "

Michelle Oliver

 "Transform and inspire is a beautiful experience.  It gave me the opportunity, through yoga and meditation to delve into each amazing chakra, with some  lovely revealing, sometimes surprising outcomes. Steph will guide you with care, on your individual spiritual discovery through the  chakra system. A roller coaster that I loved every  part of and couldn’t wait to see what  was round the next bend.   Growing, learning, connecting and sharing is transforming and inspiring.  Ps nobody told me to get off the ride so I’m still going." Nicola Starbuck 

"For me this course was totally transformational and led me to embark on very positive (if a little scary!) changes in my life. Steph is a kind, intuitive and inspirational teacher who holds a safe and loving space as you explore your journey through the energetic world of the chakra system. The monthly focus on each chakra allows you to explore in depth the different energetic characteristics of each chakra letting you reconnect with each one in turn. It helped me identify aspects of myself that were ‘energetically stuck’ and stopping me from being authentically ‘me’. With Steph’s gentle and calm guidance using ritual, chanting, yoga, nidra and more, the transform and inspire course brought more balance and insight into my life for which I am ever grateful! I would highly recommend!" 

Helen White

"This will be amazing. It was the first thing I did with Stephanie Shanti Bosanko and it made me want to do everything she offers. I arrived like this ☹ and by the end I was skipping!  Delivered with that rare combination of wisdom, realness, depth, honesty, spirit and compassion for our all too human bits. Bring all of yourself to be explored, honoured, healed, and loved.

If you know Steph then you know you will be so thoroughly supported both by her and the wonderful people who are drawn to her. Take this amazing opportunity. You wont regret it. "

Lucille Smith

"Highly recommend this if you wish to delve into the subtle body system to explore and shine. Steph is an amazing teacher, gatekeeper and holder of space; her teachings are creative, given with compassion and humour and apply to real life..not just woo woo stuff. She helps to create a loving community where you feel held and supported whilst you explore... I can wholeheartedly testify that it is definitely inspiring and totally transformative"

Sandie Garrad Parry

"I can only sing and praise about the healing, inspiration and wisdom I received doing this course.   I have traveled through the chakras twice now with Steph, and it doesn’t mean I won’t do it again.  For me, on each journey, I learn and absorb more about the magic of the chakras and myself!  Love, fun, self care, value of ritual, understanding and respect of my body plus all my emotions are just a few of the amazing experiences and learning over 7 months.   You will never regret the decision to be inspired and transformed...... truly life changing. Thank you Steph"

Heidi Lewis

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