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Online Course

Metta Bhavana Meditation Prerecorded Course ONLINE

A 5 week online and course to learn how to practice Metta Bhavana or loving kindness meditation from the Buddhist tradition. See more below...

Metta Bhavana Meditation Prerecorded Course ONLINE
Metta Bhavana Meditation Prerecorded Course ONLINE

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online Course

About the Event

This is designed as a  5 week exploration of the inspiring Buddhist practice of metta bhavana practice. But you can go at your own pace and take as much time as you like to work through each of the 5 sections. 

Each of the sections has some written content, video content and audio files for you to practice the techniques, so that you have background information anf plenty of time to practice the different aspects we use to cultivate loving kindness in our lives.  

You get lifetime access to this course. 

We work through the difficulties in being kind to ourselves, forgiving ourselves and offering compassion to ourselves. 

We learn to cultivate friendliness towards ourselves and remember he goodness within us. 

We then systematically look at directing some friendliness and compassion towards loved ones, people we do not know very well at all, or are neutral towards, and then finally people who are difficult in some way. 

This is a process; a practice, and it leads us to open our hearts to life and towards accepting situations outside our control. It is quite transformational and very helpful when we face particularly difficult situations or milestones in our lives. 

Each Section I introduce new concepts of the practice and during the week you have chance to go through the practice for yourselves as much as you can, and you build on your experiences as you journal what comes up.    

Price £50. 

Reviews from previous participants:

2020 I realised was the year for Loving Kindness and also the year everyone went online with their teaching. So that meant that this year I was lucky enough to find out about, feel drawn to and sign up for Stephanie's  Metta Bhavana Course.

Though I have meditated for many years, teach meditation myself and have been exposed to Metta Bhavana practices in other meditation courses, I have not felt drawn to the Metta Bhavana practices in the past. On the course with Stephanie, I discovered the teachings are much more in depth than I had realised. The reflection practices were particularly enlightening and brought about extremely useful insights.

I realise now that the reason Metta Bhavana had not resonated with me previously was because it had not been taught to me in enough depth for me to fully understand and connect to the profundity of the teachings. This course focusses completely on Metta Bhavana and so goes into the teachings in much more detail than meditation courses I have taken part in before. Stephanie taught not just the practice but supporting practices to get us into the right headspace to explore the nature of our humanness and gain insights into our thought patterns, behaviours and relationships, particularly our relationship with ourself.

The length of the course, felt for me just the right amount of time to be held in the reflective space together as a group. Time to feel sufficiently held to go deep but not too long to impact on the rhythm of our lives. However saying that, I also feel as though I would benefit from repeating the course every year or so and would find new insights and depth each time.

Thank you Stephanie x

Clair Yates, Yoga Teacher. 

I attended Steph's interactive meditation journey, chakra meditation journey, and now am in the midst of the transform and inspire course. Being able to interact with kind, accepting, like-minded friends on zoom (when I'm in Singapore) has been a truly amazing experience.

Steph is a fantastic teacher/facilitator. She conducts the sessions with so much acceptance and as a person she is incredibly welcoming and embracing.

Best of all, joining the sessions has given me the impetus and opportunity to begin a regular meditation practice!

Jiamin Tann, Singapore

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