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Online Course

Chakra Yoga Online Prerecorded Course

7 specially designed yoga classes to awaken the energy of the chakra system

Chakra Yoga Online Prerecorded Course
Chakra Yoga Online Prerecorded Course

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Time is TBD

Online Course

About the Event

This is a series of 7 Full Yoga classes, one for each of the Chakras to help you to awaken the energies of each particular chakra. 

Root Chakra Yoga designed to ground you, build strength and resilience, 

Sacral Chakra to help you flow and move your pelvis

Solar Plexus to help you strengthen and recharge the abdomen area and build heat

Heat Chakra yoga to heal you to open the heart area, as well as the ;ungs, chest and shoulders

Throat Chakra yoga designed to help you tune into subtle energies and rest deeply with restorative yoga

Third Eye Yoga to help you to buold concentration and balance the right and left hemospheres of the breain and

Cronw Chakra yoga to bring it all together to bring harmony, fulfilment and purpose. 


Although I have taken part in many different yoga courses and exercises before, this was the first time I actually understood what I was doing and why/ how it would benefit me. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this course, as well as finding it very interesting. The impact on my emotional self is apparent to me and I feel that my self awareness has improved in my daily life. Stephanie has been really supportive throughout has stayed in close contact, regardless of the distance between us! Thank you and I look forward to my next course with you! x

Becki Matungamire

From doing the courses, Chakra Yoga and Yoga Nidra, I have noticed I feel significantly different.

Subtle changes have arisen. I have also found me as a creative again.

I feel focused, I feel light and secure. I feel a little more confident and not seeing myself as a fool. My words that I use, noticing...accepting that they are my words and how people receive them is not in my control. To leave that bit alone and have a bit more confidence and self love to hold my head up high knowing I am good and love.

Wow thank you

Hayley Hanson

I really enjoyed the journey through the chakras with Stephanie, I happened to come across Steph’s wonderful courses during some research online and at that point I was struggling with a few things in my life, I was finding it hard to brake old patterns and habits and after hearing her own story about her first chakra journey I knew it was something I wanted to explore. The course was wonderful and had a great balance of physical, spiritual and emotion elements. Stephanie held the space so well and I instantly felt comfortable and supported in her sessions. During the first week we worked on the root chakra and this was the week that after nearly 17 years I finally put down my last cigarette and found the strength to quit smoking, I haven’t smoked since and I really feel this course gave me that extra push and strength I needed to brake a habit id been battling with for years. I highly recommend The chakra course for anyone who may feel like they are blocked in any area of their life or for anyone who is simple interested in exploring the chakras. The course was also a wonderful opportunity for making time for myself and creating space for some true self-care and self-love.

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